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Damian Ruck

My name is Damian Ruck and I'm interested in the role culture plays in human progress. Be it economic development, education, health or the emergence of democracy and other liberal institutions.

I believe in an interdisciplinary approach. Uniting the achievements of the all-to-often segregated social sciences with the glue of complexity science and cultural evolution.

I also want to tame the cacophony of digital information that we have accumulated over the years. Using modern data science and advanced statistics to make new insights about human society.

Cultural Values and Human Development

Complex Systems

Cultural Evolution




  • Religious change preceded economic change in the 20th century

    Damian Ruck, R. Alexander Bentley, Daniel Lawson

    Science Advances


  • Role of Neutral Evolution in Word Turnover During Centuries of English Word Popularity

    Damian Ruck, R. Alexander Bentley, Alberto Acerbi, Philip Garnet, Daniel J. Hruschka

    Advances in Complex Systems


Coverage of "Religious change preceded economic change in the 20th century"



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